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After the release of Thew and the Goddamn Gang a new project was born between Thew, Anton Hills, Rezzy, and Phocks. Forming what some would call a "White Slaughterhouse" the group would go on to call themselves "S.E.L.F." The acronym can stand for anything, everyone's is different, "Sleep, Eat, Love, Fight" "Spittin Extremely Loud Funkiness" "Serving Every Little Fucker" and even, "Strategic Evaluation of Lawns & Flowers." After 2 months these 4 songs emerged with each beat picked by a different member of the group. So grab yourself a Crunchwrap Supreme and a Mr. Pibb and listen up.


released September 26, 2011

M. Kelly, H. Alvarez, M. Antoniotti, K. Bischoff




Thew and the Goddamn Gang Mercerville Hamilton Square, New Jersey

THEW has been making rap music for 10-plus years. He's a nice guy.


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Track Name: Real Estate
(Anton Hills)

yea we doin something new right here
get with it.
Self made.
Rezzy, Phocks, Thew, and its Anton Hills

Kinda like the devil blowing his nose you know I'm hella sick
Tryin to go from so-so to hella rich
all my bitches i'm fuckin with on your bucket list
and all your rappin is ass because you full of shit
what you even came fo
to see me switching lanes in the range rov
yea pushing my buttons like a gameboy
this is my life aint a mother fuckin game boy
i'm really bout it yall cant even doubt it
flow cold cuz I run it like a water fountain
show you the art of counting money cause theres more amounting
getting stacks no cat higher than a mountain


Thew's in the market I got targets on my back now
Christmas came early mother fuckers its a wrap now
ladies wanna crack now, like my dick was crack now
bout to crack down spittin heat my verse is packed now
kickin rocks, prehistoric, we on top, can't ignore it
I been scheming plotting watching know you haters waiting for it
Pacquiao punch, you hear it in my grunt
got those strawberry blunts, flows bananas here's a bunch
try and catch your breath rough breathing motherfuckers
got it all in the bag like doritos motherfuckers
you can hate that I'm a baller cause I finna call her
better get that ice ready homie I'm a brawler.

Hook(Anton Hills)

They say I'm still the same
you know it aint a thing
always on the grind aint a damn thing changed
I'm going at it like a cocaine addict
shouldnt be a rapper but I'm really good at it
Uh huh I'm straight
with the recognition comes a lot of hate.
In the lab with a blunt and sour looking like a baller
feel like a million dollars.

When I make it they should put my face up on a million dollar bill
cause thats how I feel (x4)
When I make it they should put my face up on a million dollar bill
cause thats how I feel (x4)

Lyrics crowd my smart phone
coming from a dark home
where my boys call me holmes
balling like we Puffy Combs
We all tatted up drunk and high acting up
ATMs aint the only way we get bucks
from bird shots to buck shots you get touched
like Ipads, I be smoking on that Iraq
One eye open like you rock an eye patch.
Like Itchy chasing Scratchy slip up and catch a bullet from the Maggie
You like the Paul Blart of Walmart
Softer than a Halmark
Spit fire like that pokemon Charzard
and they dont give me limits on my charge card
raw like its tar-tar


i’ll spit on this occasion
with my vicious pistol wavin dissertation
while my wrist is blazin cross the script i'm making
keep it bangin like a blacksmith, forging all this rap shit,
my lungs billow fire till the mic is glowing back lit
and thats it, flow like a pipe burst, my thirst, get more bars than Rikers, write words
comin with a tight verse, want to see us fall, so we gotta push it forward like strikers
but first, gotta pour the jager, going for the kill like Lawrence Taylor, cause organ failure
puttin out flame like a forest ranger, i’m a force of nature,
just amassing sort of anger, time to terminate, schwatzenager
born to raise the, roof when SELFs coming through
no chance the lord can save ya
Need a hard hat when this star raps....
bringing bars back check the hard facts and
all that, tell your boys to fall back,
phocks so fly that I glide on tarmacs,

Track Name: Beats & Geeks

what you haters thought I left
now it seems you are obsessed
listen brother ask your mother man i'm giving her my best.
i'm rapping off my chest cuz my domes kinda toasted
R.I.P. Nate Dogg, This she is Xxplosive.
Haters wanna be me soon you see me on the T.V.
Need a trim, hit the barbers then I'm puffin on that Tiki.
Fuck what you hear see I'm Liu Kang kickin it
Hear this beat the first time no rubber I am ripping it.
Motherfuckers step to the foul line,
lost your step you can have mine
got a bad rhyme,
bite me like you tuggin on my fish line
Thew you already knew the best is coming
heard me back in 02 now you know my shit and hum it
my mixtape you lovin, every beat that we touch
bout to spit hold my dutch
coming hard bout to nut
done shaking off the rust
I'm coming at you motherfuckers hard, shine like a motherfucking god
might as well get in line for this shit I am relevant
bitches on my dick we aint fucking I am heaven sent,
sike, I am devilish, gin got me screwy
Thewmatic baby I make em scream out Deputy Dewey.


My lexicon is on the upper echelon
I run on tracks you rest upon
I've always got a beast in palm, respect the don
Kevin's a Decepticon with weapons drawn and setting bombs
to get your mom in leopard thongs
charm her like a leprechaun.
I guess its on, Phocks coming hot with a new hit
Call a chick a bitch, I mean a witch, rides my broomstick
hit that shit so much i’m in a rush and I need two dicks
too sick of fucking while we listen to my music
so i plow that chick all around the room
when i see her tits my dick is like a clown balloon
imma pound it soon, on the count of two
then i put it in her poopie hole
always getting girls in the sack like marsupials
the shit I spit is bootyful, like finding the treasure
you know I’m all about your chest, like a pirates endeavor
supplying the clever lines, its like hennesy when clubbin
like a pornographic Hollow man, you never see me comin
i got my weenie rubbing up on anything with two legs
put it in your oven and we make a creamy souffle
the greatest spittin today, the next day, the next week
keep on rappin till the girls stop thinkin rapping's sexy

(Anton Hills)

So text me, if you a freak come and get you some,
bout the glory going for it like a hit and run,
heard a call from the sky like his only son.
You aint a fan? then you deaf, dumb,
do it like no other one, smoking like a fired gun
in the club pouring shots like i'm 21,
troned zoning in on her honey bun,
living for the night cuz you aint promised another one.
it's go time know there aint no stopping me
I don't hear them haters so it really doesn't bother me
crowd be screaming loud like your girl when she on top of me
I'm hot so I gotta rock ice when i'm going for the win sorta like a hockey team
better believe I'm nothing like you've ever seen
or ever heard, like O.J. saying it was me,
whats really good man i'm shitting on a wanna be
you talking bout cake? then you know I fucking wanna piece.
straight jacket on my ass this some crazy shit
stay on the grind, no lazy kid
you know I go and get it till the gettings good,
making beilevers out of those who said I never could.


I rip it like a piece of paper, yes I am a freak of nature
keep the baddest girls around to do me favors
signing waivers waves of haters see me I'm a celebrater
but not celibate I share I ain't on that selfish shit,
If your album ain't good they shelving it,
I be killing it thats what Fab say,
flow good even in a bad day
been thinking bout my past ways
all those different pathways
days I couldn't stand straight
spittin in the man cave, life is so demanding
laws they shouldn't mandate force a man upstate
I state with a heavy plate, they call me a heavy weight
outweigh the competition any day,
a farewell to arms sorta like Hemingway,
grenade renegade.
explosion on the microphone, leave the kids and wife at home
this is grown folks business you made the mess now do the dishes
fuck all these lame bitches but they truly take great pictures,
I write the illest made scriptures just follow us on twitter.
It's G.D. believe me, check me on my CD or watch me on the tv
HD or 3D. Yuuuup.
Track Name: Moon Shine
The vast massive expanse
Its a riddle that we fiddle with to grasp in our hands, until we lapse in a trance
Is there a being with a passionate glance, staring down as i’m searching for the answers I've asked
The suns heats scalding a bubbling cauldron
I grab a can of beer and get buzzed like Aldrin,
cause it hits you in the brain, we’re just a picture in the frame. A snap shot, a black dot, a flicker of a flame
and thats it. So I need a new tactic. I’m wasting away in this ocean of blackness
a rap kid, no focus, so hopeless, oh no hes, so close to fading in the ozone, you won’t notice
every time I reach up, crash when the heavens hurt ya
its leading kevin further down to the seven circles
but its never personal when beliefs backstab ya
fuck the ladder, I think I need a shovel and a jackhammer

[Hook - Rick Warren]
Stars shine, stars shine
When you think you’ve lost your way
Making for a brighter day a brighter day
Stars shine, stars shine
Coming out to light the way
Making for a brighter day a brighter day

(Anton Hills)
Man I've climbed too high to come down
Ran too many miles to ever turn round.
Made too many promises to my mama
So I'm shooting all the stars out hoping I can shine now,
another young male with a big dream singing
Cash Rules Everyint Around Me, C.R.E.A.M.
hotels on the beach over palm trees
seeing six girls in the suite tell em pick teams.
This shit is nothing man I does it like I'm pushing a button
you see the movie the box you know i'm killing somethin
bitches thinkin they hot, till I open the oven
and I don't know how to stop so you should keep on runnin
If you ain't wit it you can pass the blunt
with some real mother fuckers if you acting up, uh.
But you don't wanna kill the vibe,
let your head rock get high see the stars in the sky.


I'm awake..as these dreams come to me
As a younging a pen and my pad kept me company,
money doesn't grow on trees nothing ever comes for free
started out light now I'm a music junky.
hit after hit, stich after stich
doctured up lines I had to cure this itch.
see this music shit got me higher than a bitch.
I never wanna kick this habit, fighting to the top punching and I'm jabbing.
Hoping that it happens. Rags to riches something like Aladdin.
Have the whole stadium clapping listen to me rapping
I pray every single day that my sound is found,
I'm done selling all these pounds.
So going have till my musics touching ground
I'm representing for my town
so lower the casket cause its going down,
If you didn't know before then you know it now
Oh wow.

Since age 6 I been reaching
Ignoring all that teaching
Knowledge I've been given I've been keeping
Maybe i'm insane to think I'll reach what I been seeking
instead I stand on top of everyone that I'm defeating.
Something inside telling me to give that raw talk.
Monopoly money get that house on the boardwalk,
college girls calling, god i need a miracle.
Straight walk straight talk god-like biblical.
all about the principal, keep your mind and head in it.
Me against the world, I'm thinking it was Pac said it.
But we're giving 5 minutes, better sell a good game.
Danced with the devil down in Georgia caught that night train.
In the race for fame I'll change the game,
and you'll see my name emblazed on planes.
Fly through the dreams of the others that have wished,
and pour a little out for the others that are missed.
It's like this.

Track Name: Money, Right?
Na na na na
Wait till I get my money right

When you hear that ring tone and you know that its on
everything you see I own.
Hustle on the Iphone, poison skull and crossbones,
rotory to touch tone, E.T. phone home.
Nothing but gold sorta like the Georgia Dome,
stay rolling up sticky flowers of the home grown.
Listen man you cant tell me nothing
cause only God is the one that is judging.
I'm semi-automatic fast
suckers should be ducking
drunker than an Irishman in Dublin.
Donuts arent the only thing I'm dunkin
Sexy broads..ehhh. they like it when i'm thuggin.
So when you see me out in public just know I am the topic of discussion
I am the boss, so i oversee
all the cash stashed in bank accounts overseas.
Get a hold of me, yuuup.

Na na na na na wait till I get my money right
Na na na na na then you can't tell me nothing right?

Excuse me is you saying something?
nuhuh you cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing


My similes are symphonies, metaphors are epic scores,
Hans Zimmer of rhyme spitters, exalted editor
fuck the competitors, my business is the ink
not incorporated all them haters dishes in the sink
they washed up, with the respect they’re appalling
while I’m the main source like the neck of a lion
expected to triumph, the professor of rhyming
use my blood red pen to correct the assignment
tons of them were laughing but saying nothing now
cause I'm the type of baller in some khakis and a button down
The phocks is something now i’m putting sound
deep in your ear canal astounding how i shut it down
I’ve got a temper but i verbally flex it
so don’t ever push me like emergency exits
so check it, i’m thinking that its fair to say
bustin through the barricades, never in a cage like Faraday

Na na na na na wait till I get my money right
Na na na na na then you can't tell me nothing right?

Excuse me is you saying something?
nuhuh you cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing

You know I'll be a big thing
Ice don't matter but I'll get my girl a big ring
Till then never raise your voice to what I'm sayin.
Brick by brick we building tracks that we laying
Plus, you can find me rolling like salami
see me in the club I shut it down, Nnamdi.
No fake bitches round me, representin East Side,
rappin on the shoulders of these Giants ask Eli,
Flow till we die, Hip-hop handler,
Because I run this ship now, you are just a passanger.
Got this rap game loaded like it's fertile,
Puff on purple, specs like Urkle
I got the rap crown by a hare yall turtles.
I'm 16 bars and running yall just hurtles. Uh
Lord Jesus, colder than ya Ritas.
Ladies on me like Kelly Ripa, it's out-Regis.

Na na na na na wait till I get my money right
Na na na na na then you can't tell me nothing right?

Excuse me is you saying something?
nuhuh you cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing

(Anton Hills)

Na, Thinking bout the cash till I'm dead and gone.
Trying to get quick fast like the meter on.
Building a buzz like I was getting my tequila on.
Going off so the people wanna keep it on.
Yea you know what I'm sayin
Walk into a party and your own shit playin
and the girls trying to holler who already know my name and
amen thought it was a game, damn.
Bitch I be doing more than smoke when I write a verse,
need a nurse so ill fuck it get a hearse.
killing everything, December 21st,
2012 when I flow man it's like a curse.
So fuck your whole lifestyle,
you phonys think you got it all like a white child.
That's why I can't wait till I get a break,
cut up the cake feeling great, let the haters hate.

Na na na na na wait till I get my money right
Na na na na na then you can't tell me nothing right?

(Anton Hills)
Excuse me is you saying something?
nuhuh you cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing
You cant tell me nothing

[Outro - Thew]
Self made
Trenton...get your money right
Hamilton...get your money right
Philly...get your money right
New York...get your money right